PHILIPS H8/H11/H16 Ultinon LED Fog Lamp (Set of 2)


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PHILIPS H8/H11/H16 Ultinon LED Fog Lamp (Set of 2)

Brand: Philips


  • Fits H8/ H11/ H16
  • 6200K Bright White
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • SafeBeam (Anti-glare)
  • 12 Year Life Span, Fan-free Design

Details: • Instant On/Off – no delays • White 6200K colour temperature is perfect for color matching with HID and LED headlights • Up to +45% more light on the road than halogen bulbs • Provides maximum light efficiency without glare to other road users unlike lower cost alternatives • Patented AirFlux base design allows maximum cooling of the LED, to maintain highest light performance and long lifetime – NO FAN THAT CAN FAIL • Voltage: 12 V / Wattage: 9.3 W • 12 year lifespan • Direct replacement for your H8 / H11 / H16 halogen bulbs • 3 year warranty Philips H11 Ultinon LED Fog Bulbs provide up to 45% more light than standard halogen lights with given it’s optimized optical design and high lighting efficiency. Not only are these bulbs bright, they are also a perfect direct replacement to match your factory HID or LED headlight thanks to their bright white color rating. Philips LED Fog Bulbs use patented SafeBeam lighting technology for maximum visibility and no glare for other road users – they get the light where it needs to go!. They’re not just gimmicky LED bulbs that are nice cosmetic upgrades for your vehicle, they’re actually functional upgrades, that will enhance your night-time driving experience. Each Philips H11 LED bulb will comes with an IEC PGJ19-2 base. This base is shared between H11, H8, and H16 bulbs making the H11 Ultinon bulb completely plug+play in all three applications. While an H11 halogen bulb is rated at 55W, H8 and H16 fog bulbs are low wattage bulbs, so installing this bulb will almost double your light output – serious stuff. The Airflux optimal thermal design helps give the Philips Ultinon LED bulbs a lifespan of 12 years with constant cooling of the LED bulb. 


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