PHILIPS H7 LED Ultinon 6000K (Set of 2)


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PHILIPS H7 LED Ultinon 6000K (Set of 2)

Brand: Philips

Color: 6000K pure white LUXEON


  • Led [~H7] 12V 14W 6000K +160% Brighter Light
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Plug N Play Aircool Technology Both Hi/Lo Upto 8 Year Lifespan Compact Design For Better Fit Advanced Automotive System

Details: With an intense bright beam, Philips Ultinon LED headlights for cars improve your visibility by up to 160%. With a color temperature of up to 6000 Kelvin (Pure White LUXEON), the Philips H7 Ultinon LED headlight based on automotive grade LUXEON technology produces a bright white, daylight-like beam. With clearer vision you’re better able to spot obstacles and take the perfect driving line. Powerful bright light, directed exactly where you need it. Fitted with SafeBeam technology, Philips LED headlights to concentrate light where you need it. The uniform and accurate beam pattern is designed according to road safety regulations for halogen headlights. With more precise control of light, you have greater visibility. The Philips H7 Ultinon LED lights are designed specifically for complex reflector headlights. At the same time they provide extra boost when used in projector luminaires and hence serve you in a wide variety of car models, regardless of your luminaire. The major weakness of conventional headlights; the more powerful the light, the shorter its lifespan. At a higher light intensity level, LEDs last much longer, and Philips Ultinon LED products show superior durability. Due to features such as AirFlux and AirCool heat management systems, they last up to 8 years. Innovative heat management systems for more lifetime LED headlight lamps generate heat that needs controlling. Philips AirFlux and AirCool technologies is a smart cooling system that diverts heat away from the light’s critical components. By increasing heat resistance, Philips LED headlights last longer than other comparable products currently on the market. Easy installation and compatible with many car models Designed to be easily installed in compatible vehicles. It is recommended that you get your new Philips LED headlights installed by specialist mechanic. While these headlights are compatible with a wide range of existing car models, not all car types are supported. 

EAN: 8727900398557



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