PHILIPS 12W B22 LED Cool Day Light Bulb, Pack of 2


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Color: White


  • Specifications: Philips T bulb Curve is a powerful 12 Watt LED Bulb with a B22 base cap, compatible with your existing bulb holders & Stellar Bright Technology ; Cool Daylight: (6500-7500K) ; 1100 Lumen
  • Wider light spread: The new Philips T bulb Curve with its curvy head is the futuristic tube light, has a brighter and wider light spread
  • Swivelling body action: The Philips T bulb Curve has a flexible swivelling body action in which its head can move both 90 degrees vertically and 35 degrees horizontally for better focus
  • Plug n play: No need for an electrician. With this plug n play bulb, fitting the Philips T bulb Curve is a hassle-free process
  • Warranty: Designed to last for an exceptionally long time, it comes with a warranty of 2 years from the date of your invoice

Details: The new Philips T bulb Curve has been the latest stylish addition in the T bulb family designed to provide you with an enriching experience. With its new curvy design, it offers a wider and better light spread over the conventional LED bulbs. It has a flexible head with a swivelling body action where the head of the Philips T bulb Curve is flexible, thereby offering a focused light for your space. Philips T bulb Curve comes with the Stellar Bright feature which offers superior brightness than the ordinary LED bulbs, making it a stylish light source of your home.

Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 4.7 x 2.8 inches



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