Bosch F002H234398F8 Replacement Lube Oil Filter for Mahindra Scorpio


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Bosch F002H234398F8 High-Performance Spin-on Replacement Lube Oil Filter for Mahindra Scorpio

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Mahindra Scorpio CRDI
  • Anti-return valve that lubricates even when the filter is clogged by oil or dirt
  • Anti-drain valve lubricates cold engines immediately after ignition
  • Paper impregnated with phenolic resin for greater resistance to smoke and cracks
  • Exhaust proof valve that prevents oil leaks
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured to OE quality standards

Friction is generated continuously by the movement of engine components. This causes metal particles to come loose. The oil minimises these frictions and discharges the accumulating particles. The oil also serves to dissipate heat, seal and protect against corrosion.

 Bosch oil filters clean the oil of dirt particles and protect the engine.


  • Ensures optimal protection of the engine components leading to longer engine life
  • Operates even under extreme conditions and enhances engine performance



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