Bosch 0601B373F0-GCO220 2200-Watt 14-inch Chop Saw Machine – (Blue)


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Brand: Bosch

Color: Blue


  • More power than before: Upgrade to 2200w by implementing improved design motor
  • Less fatigue: Compression spring design saves energy during long operation hours
  • Easy to carry: Reduced tool weight by 1-2kg with optimized base design
  • Long lifetime: Achieved >100 hours lifespan with 1st set carbon brushes
  • Precise cutting: Optimized guard designs reduces tools vibration and optimized base design leads to improved cutting precision

Publisher: Bosch

Details: Bosch gco 220 cuts steel like butter. Power redefined. Improved motor design to make tough cutting easier. Improved gearing system increases longevity.

EAN: 3165140952262

Package Dimensions: 22.9 x 19.7 x 13.5 inches



Weight 40.87 kg
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