Bardahl Engine Tune-up and Flush (250 ml)


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Bardahl Engine Tune-up and Flush (250 ml)


  • Can be used with all types of Petrol and Diesel engines
  • Extends engine life and prepares engine prior to oil and filter change
  • Dissolves varnish, sludge and other contaminants from vital engine parts
  • Prepares engine to optimise new oil and filter life
  • Solvent free, will not damage seals

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Publisher: Bardahl


Bardahl Engine Tune-up and Flush cleans up existing engine deposits. Prevents further deposits. Frees sticky lifters and rings. Chemically “tunes” the engine during driving. Restores pep and power. Removes sludge from valve train. Promotes fuel economy and improves over all engine operation.

Usage Directions
  • Maximum dosage of 8 to 10 percent by volume of crankcase. Do not overfill.
  • Allow etuf to work while driving for 40 to 50 kms or run engine to fast idle for 25 to 30 mins.
  • Then change oil and filter, while adding Bardahl special duty (for diesel vehicles) or Bardahl oil supplement or Bardahl oil treatment with new oil.

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