Anabond Gasket Maker Red – 85 GMS – High Temp RTV Silicone


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Anabond Gasket Maker Red – 85 GMS – High Temp. RTV Silicone

Brand: Anabond

Color: Red


  • Oil Pan, Rocker Covers. 100% Leak Proof.
  • Water Pump Mounting. Intake Manifolds.
  • To Be Used As Gasket Maker In All Flange Joints Of Engine Assembly.
  • Timing Case Covers. Transmission Covers.
  • Valve Covers. Thermostat Housing.

Publisher: ANABOND

Details: Anabond Gasket Maker Red High Temperature Rtv Silicone Is Exclusively Designed To Withstand High Temperature Applications Of Flange Joint In Automobiles. The Sealant Is Non-Corrosive And Withstands High Pressure And Ensures Leak Proof Joints.

EAN: 8901954712853



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